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Literature Review (narrative-systematic) Meta-analysis Doc. submission

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Service Description

Panopticon Analytics performs different types of literature reviews, including * Narrative literature reviews, * Systematic literature reviews, and * Meta-analysis We prepare reviews and meta-analyses to build knowledge and evidence and uses it effectively to inform * Pharmaceutical companies for preclinical and clinical studies, and preparing documents for submission and publication * Health establishments, and health decision-makers * Researchers and clinicians, * Environmental and mining companies, * Legal entities, and * Communities and public Make an appointment with our expert to discuss the differences, the type of review best suited to your objectives and respecting the information available. It is increasingly difficult to update scientific knowledge as the number of medical publications is increasing exponentially. To solve the problem, we can take three steps. 1. NARRATIVE REVIEWS Narrative reviews are the original form of reviews. They are designed to provide a general summary of the current state of publications, help shed light on specific issues, and benefit from the experience and expertise of highly expert cases But, they are less sophisticated, have a non-standardized selection of references, and subject to bias, Finally, they are not considered inferior because they can answer very specific questions. 2. SYSTEMIC REVIEWS are an attempt to reduce the weaknesses of narrative reviews by systematically reviewing the literature, collect all the available evidence and literature in a standardized way according to specified and reproducible criteria, mainly include prospective, randomized, controlled studies with level I evidence to reduce certain types of bias, SYSTEMIC REVIEWS provide a more reliable and complete summary of a topic. 3. META-ANALYSIS * is an objective and quantitative method that provides less biased estimates on a specific topic, * gives conclusive results when individual studies are inconclusive, * is a statistical method for combining the results of different studies on the same subject to resolve conflicts between studies, * produces an accurate estimate of effect size, with increased statistical power for small sample size studies, * investigates the source of variation between subgroups, META-ANALYSIS is increasingly used in the life sciences.

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