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Who should get the COVID-19 vaccine first in BC?

--- SELECTED PARTS of knowledge translation document with permission.

Who should get the COVID-19 vaccine first in BC? An epidemiological dilemma - Pertained to race and ethnicity!

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The priority of vaccination is to reduce

• The number of cases; then, Health workers, essential agents, ...

• The number of deaths, then elderly, diabetics, immunocompromised….

• What about at-risk communities? COVID-19 is racist! It catches and kills 1.5 to 3 times as many Black and Latino communities in the United States.

• What about the South Asian population in BC! Why don’t we collect data in BC?

We MUST collect data on ETHNICITY/RACE/Black & Brown communities for COVID-19 in BC to plan to tackle inequalities/inequities!


Author's interview with CTV News

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