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My Recent Article; Severity of COVID-19 and Indoor Air Quality!

My Recent Article; Severity of COVID-19 and Indoor Air Quality

I recently published a commentary entitled "Indoor air quality and severity of COVID-19: where communicable and non-communicable preventive measures meet". I think you might be interested. Please see

Current public messaging rightly focuses on #handwashing and #physical#distancing to delay the peak in the number of cases below the limit the #healthcare system can handle ( #flattening the #curve). However, the ultimate relief would come from the development of drugs and #vaccines, etc.

Likewise, improving environmental health, such as indoor air quality, can reduce the clinical manifestations of cases where we asked them to stay home longer. This issue is addressed in the commentary.

It seems that #COVID-19 public messages should also include #indoor air quality management, such as opening windows regularly to improve #ventilation. This communication is more critical for the elderly and immunocompromised, and residents of rural areas where the wood stove is the primary source of cooking and heating.

Reza Afshari; MD, MPH, PhD

Toxicologist, Epidemiologist

Indoor Air Quality and Severity of COVID-19: Asia Pac J Med Toxicol 2020;9:1-2 with permission.

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