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COVID-19, We need to collect data on race, ethnicity, and community in COVID-19 pandemic.

--- We also published a commentary on this issue in the BMJ. Please see:

BMJ. 2021 Jan 7;372:n29.

WHO SHOULD RECEIVE THE COVID-19 #VACCINE FIRST in British Columbia? I have already discussed why certain ethnic groups are more prone to catch and die from COVID-19. IT IS A FACT!

THE LABOUR MARKET is different - ethnic groups work disproportionately in grocery stores that have higher exposure rates. INCOME is different. COVID-19 unfairly affects the low-income population. ETHNIC BEHAVIORS are different, for example. Social gathering one COVID-19 is racist! The priority of #vaccination is to reduce • The number of cases, i.e. health workers, essential agents, ... • The number of deaths, namely elderly, diabetics, immunosuppressed,…. • What about #communities at #risk? COVID-19 is a #racist! It catches and kills 1.5 to 3 times as many #Black and #Latino communities in the #US. • What about the #South #Asian #population in #BC! Why are we no longer collecting #data? - We used to collect data (travelers) at the start of the pandemic. - The United States is doing it! - It's easy to collect, just a question! We have to collect data on #ETHNICITY / #RACE / #Aboriginal #First Nation Populations, and #Black and #Brown communities for #COVID-19 to tackle #inequalities and #inequities! Please see my articles on inequality and ethnicity in the comments.

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