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COVID-19 & second hand smoking!

Smoking causes 5,000 premature deaths each year in British Columbia, 10% [?] of which are attributed to second-hand smoke. Smoking is by far the most lethal chemical in the province (BCTOX-2017).

Passive smoking & COVID-19 are linked. First, research showed that smoking increases the severity of COVID-19. Second, sharing cigarettes and touching the used filters (disposed on ashtrays) by children and spouses facilitates the transmission of coronavirus (mouth to mouth or hand to mouth). Smokers also cough more.

The old (2005) #environmental#health provincial plan has been forgotten. No environmental policy for passive smoking risk reduction exists now in general OR COVID related. --- Do not share cigarettes and dispose of the used filters safely, etc., are simple to suggest!

BC is home to the National Collaboration Center for Environmental Health. Also, we have one of the highest rates of health workers per capita & the best heroes in the world. They can be easily mobilized to execute a plan. We simply lack the WILL to DEVELOP a pragmatic macro-policy & IMPLEMENT it.

Let's hope to have them including a part related to #COVID-19 soon (WHO initiative could be copied!)

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