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COVID-19 Related Toxic Exposures and Poisonings!

COVID-19 Related Toxic Exposures and Poisonings: Toxicological and Environmental Health Messages!

After the COVID-19 pandemic, people were bombarded with messages about handwashing & the use of disinfectants that led to more people using, & also in higher quantities creating shortages.

Sanitizers, disinfectants, detergents & bleaches are only safe if the exposure does not exceed certain limits. Short & long term overuse leads to skin dryness, hypersensitivity, cough, cancer, etc.

Although information on types & use of sanitizers exists on public health websites, no message was given to the public on the control of overuse, side effects, and treatments such as the use of hand creams (Figure 1).

- Keeping more chemicals at home comes with an increase in the rate of accidental overdoses in children. Again, no COVID related recommendations have released on health websites.

It is not surprising that ideas such as injecting or spraying disinfectants emerge among the elite or people ingest alcohol to treat COVID-19. --- If no environmental health message is provided, who should take responsibility!?

If the use is recommended, their side effects and toxic exposures should be treated at the same time to avoid harm.

--- Primum non nocere (Hippocratic Oath)

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