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BC has had the highest rate of opioid overdose deaths [contaminated with fentanyl] in the world in recent years.

Since March 2020, the death rate has sharply increased again, which is attributed to the COVID-19 HOME STAY POLICY. --- Overdose is more fatal if used alone as no one is there to help you [take home naloxone]. The countermeasure of health is still “DO NOT USE ALONE”.

What if the stay-at-home policy isn't the [only] cause?


Users modestly comply with public health policies

The DELAY between issuing the policy and the increase in deaths cannot be explained

After a GRADUAL RESUMPTION OF NORMAL ACTIVITIES, the DECREASE IN THE FIRST WAVE and the ONSET OF THE SECOND WAVE, opioid deaths remained stable and elevated - Hill criteria for causation isn't met.

I followed the illicit market for 2 decades: More likely, the PANDEMIC DISRUPTED THE IMPORTED SUPPLY CHAIN & PUSHED THE LOCAL DEALERS TO INCREASE THE RATE & EXTENT OF ADULTERATION WITH POTENT FENTANYL. This theory also explains the delay & resilient plateau of deaths.

--- We must ISSUE A PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING STATING THAT HEROIN MAY BE DEADLIER now due to disruption in the illicit market. It may save lives!

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