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CoronaHysteria"! Mass hysteria induced by a less than ideal approach to public communication is a competing epidemic now!

Without intending to trivialize the real risk of a COVID-19 epidemic, it seems that mass hysteria of a perceived disproportionate risk rather than of the real threat is occurring at the population level. --- People pile up food, and the obsessive-compulsive behavior of many is distracting in other territories.

"SOCIAL DISTANCING" aims to slow the sharp increase in the number of patients, or so-called FLATTENING THE CURVE (graph) at the expense of elongating the epidemics.

We are going to avoid overloading health capacity by social distancing. That's all! --- We also need to address the public about this mass hysteria epidemic, or what I like to call CORONAHYSTERIA!

--- We are also inducing the social psychosis of germophobia!

--- What if CORONAHYSTERIA disproportionately leads people not to work? Income declines that come with higher real health risks. Defeat the purpose!

Do something against mass hysteria, please; it is a determinant of health too!

Reza Afshari, PhD

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